IEX Fonds 40-managers winnen prijs

Morningstar heeft in drie categorieën de beste fondsmanagers gekozen. Hierbij zitten twee IEX Fonds 40-managers.

Wie zijn de beste fondsmanagers van Europa? Morningstar heeft onderzoek gedaan en in drie categorieën de beste managers geselecteerd. In dit rijtje van drie zitten twee fondsmanagers die fondsen beheren die deel uitmaken van de IEXFonds 40

Gefeliciteerd heren!  

  • Fund Manager of the Year: European Equity 
    Alexei Jourovski en zijn team. Jourovski beheert het Uni-Global Equities Europe-fonds. 

    Dit zegt Morningstar over hem; "Alexei Jourovski is a highly experienced fund manager who has been with Unigestion since 2001. He was appointed head of Unigestion’s equity team in 2010. The management of the fund is truly a team effort and Jourovski is surrounded by a robust group consisting of six fund managers and seven analysts. The gradual strengthening of this team as assets under management have increased is an illustration of Unigestion's strong stewardship. As team leader, Jourovski plays a key role in spreading the company’s strong values, which are exemplified by policies that include investing a portion of manager bonuses in fund shares that vest over three years. The policy was put in place at Unigestion well before it became mandatory by regulation.

  • Fund Manager of the Year: Global Equity
    Christopher Hart van Robeco BP Global Premium Equities (IEXFonds 40-manager)

    "Christopher Hart has vast experience as an analyst and portfolio manager. After 10 years in the analyst ranks at Fidelity covering a wide variety of sectors, he moved to Robeco Boston Partners in 2002 where he started as an analyst before being appointed portfolio manager of the firm’s small-cap value fund in 2004. Since July 2008, Hart has run global equities and he has been instrumental in the successful execution of the well-designed investment process that characterises Robeco Boston Partners, which is based on valuations, business fundamentals, and momentum. Hart has also proven himself as a talented stock picker. His strong track record is primarily driven by consistent stock selection, adding value in almost all sectors, regions, and market capitalizations. With the Robeco BP Global Premium Equities fund, Hart has beaten the category average in 89 percent of the 12-month rolling periods since his appointment in 2008, yielding top decile rankings during the three- and five-year periods. Risk-adjusted returns are also impressive and Hart’s personal investment in the strategy he runs aligns his interests with those of investors, " aldus Morningstar. 

  • Fund Manager of the Year: European Fixed-Income
    Michael Krautzberger van het BGF Euro Bond-fonds (IEXFonds 40-manager)

    Het commentaar van Morningstar: "Michael Krautzberger has managed the BGF Euro Bond fund since October 2005, having joined the firm earlier that year. He heads BlackRock's 13-member Euro Fixed Income team, including nine portfolio managers who take a very collegial, team-based approach. Krautzberger was instrumental in shaping the team’s investment philosophy centred on building a portfolio of diversified risks and adding value in a consistent, incremental manner through a broad range of primarily relative value strategies. The approach has led to a remarkable track record wherein contributors have been quite broad-based, ranging from government, securitised, and inflation-linked bonds to currency, duration, and yield curve plays. Furthermore, the fund has consistently outperformed its peers and its benchmark during Krautzberger's tenure. The breadth of added value across virtually the entire range of underlying strategies is impressive and highlights both the quality of ideas from the team and Krautzberger's ability to blend these appropriately into a coherent, risk-controlled portfolio."
De Redactie van IEXProfs bestaat uit verschillende journalisten. De informatie in dit artikel is niet bedoeld als professioneel beleggingsadvies, of als aanbeveling tot het doen van bepaalde beleggingen. Het is mogelijk dat redactieleden posities hebben in een of meer van de genoemde fondsen. Klik hier voor een overzicht van hun beleggingen.

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